Hold On

Cousins with No Veil
Gregoria D'Voldre


Single Title: "Hold On"
Genre: Quartet Gospel
Release Date: August 8, 2017
Artist: Cousins with No Veil
Location: Charlotte, NC, USA
Written by: Gregoria D'Voldre(ASCAP)
Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by G. D'Voldre at Graffiti Hall Music Studio
Vocals: G. D'Voldre & Reginald Funderburke
Guitars and Keys: John Fitzgerald McGill


Intro/ Hold on, hold on

He's coming soon


Hold On


Hold on, are you holding on

He's coming soon, can I talk to you for a minute


Verse 1/ My light bill due

and my car note is too

But ain't gone worry about nothing


Because GOD will see me through, oh no

You know what I'm gonna do?


Put my shoutin' shoes on

and sing me a gospel song

About all the things that GOD has done


and the things GOD promised he'll do

That's why I'm gone hold on


Hook/ Hold on

Hold on

He's coming soon


Hold on

Hold on

He's coming soon


Verse 2/ Financial meltdowns

Jobs barely pay enough to get me by

But I'm not gone complain


Cause my reward rest beyond the sky, oh no

You know what I got?


I got my Bible in my hand

The word helps me better understand

How faith is the key to the kingdom


That will unlock all of heaven's doors, oh

and I'm gonna


Hook/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Vamp/ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~